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What makes the Telescopic Chenille Duster ideal for cleaning CCTV cameras?

The Telescopic Chenille Duster features an extendable handle, allowing you to easily reach high or difficult-to-access cameras. Its soft chenille fibers effectively capture dust and dirt without scratching delicate surfaces.

Can the duster be used for other cleaning tasks?

Yes, the versatile design of our Telescopic Chenille Duster makes it suitable for a variety of cleaning tasks, such as dusting ceiling fans, light fixtures, and more.

Is the duster easy to clean and maintain?

Absolutely! The chenille head can be removed from the handle and is machine washable, ensuring easy maintenance and long-lasting performance.

How often should I clean my CCTV cameras?

It's recommended to clean your CCTV cameras at least once every two months to maintain optimal image quality and camera functionality.

Where can I purchase the Telescopic Chenille Duster?

You can order our Telescopic Chenille Duster online through our website below 

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Extra Long Handle: Extendable / telescopic handle extends from 1.64 to 3.53 metres (11+ feet) and any length in between using the twist lock mechanism. (Please see size diagram photo)
New 2023: Stronger Metal Thread and stronger easy-grip duster handle.

High Quality Duster Head: Utilises chenille microfibre material to pick up dust and sweep cobwebs away. Ideal for cleaning CCTV Cameras all designs. The

 Head is bendable to fit the shape of whatever surface you are cleaning.

Lightweight and Strong: The duster uses a high quality aluminium pole which remains sturdy even when fully extended.

(Pole extends from 1.14m to 3.00m without duster)
Removable Head: Simply unscrew the duster head to use handheld without the pole to clean low areas, for storage, or to clean the duster itself by removing the outer cover. Please see last photo for washing instructions.




I Have high cameras and this let me reach and clean them crystal clear. Even at full extension it feels strong, it bends but doesn't feel flimsy. An excellent quality product, great value for money -  Mr Mark Charlton - Reviewed 22 March 2023

​Washable duster too!

Just get this one and save yourself any further search time! Trust me, as you will not be disappointed. - James Reviewed 22 March 2023

This product is absolutely amazing!

My husband and I have just moved into a converted Chapel and I don't think the previous owners ever looked up to the CCTV cameras witness the webs that spiderman would have been proud of! 1 minute of work with this bad boy and our cameras  have been transformed.

3.5 Metre (139") Extra Long Reach Telescopic CCTV Camera cleaning kit  Extendable Bendable Washable

"Clear-Sight Companion:

The Ultimate Telescopic

CCTV camera Cleaner

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🚀 Blast Off Dirt with Our Telescopic Chenille Duster – The Ultimate CCTV Cleaning Sidekick! 🌟

🪜 Say goodbye to ladders, acrobatic maneuvers, and the fear of falling. light weight easy to use

🚀 Reach for the stars: With an extendable, bendable light weight design 3.5 meter extra long. 

🌟 A clean sweep: Made of ultra-soft chenille, our duster is gentle on your camera lenses but tough on dirt, dust, and cobwebs

💧 Wash and go: Our duster is not just
reusable, but machine washable too!

🔭 Picture this: You've got your trusty CCTV cleaning kit, ready to banish dust and grime from your security cameras.

Long enough to reach those tough to get to spots 

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Technical Details

Brand: Clear-Sight 
Model Number ‎CCTV Cleaning kit extendable 3.5m
Product Dimensions ‎114 x 8 x 6 cm; 540 Grams
Special Features ‎

Bendable, Lightweight, Removable, Sturdy
Item Weight ‎540 g